Training in diagnostics and repair of vehicle air conditioning system



Diagnostics and repair of vehicle AC compressors are considered to be one of the most complex and highly marketed services in the maintenance of automotive systems. Our training course will provide valuable insight into the design and operating principles of compressors used in the air conditioning systems of present-day vehicles. You will learn how each element of the system works, what oils and refrigerants are used. You will know what major system failures are and how they can be repaired.

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Detailed description

The course duration is four days. It provides the basic knowledge necessary to develop the area of business connected with the repair of vehicle AC compressors.

Theoretical classes cover the following issues

  • Operating principles of vehicle air conditioning systems.
  • Operating cycles of vehicle AC systems.
  • Purpose, classification, design, and operating principles of the AC system components.
  • Refrigerants and oils we use in AC systems.
  • Maintenance of vehicle AC systems.
  • Techniques of flushing, tightness testing, and filling of AC compressors.

 Practical sessions allow our trainees to hone the following skills

  • Methods of detection failures in AC systems, key symptoms, and repair techniques.
  • AC compressors disassembling and repair.
  • Selection of repair kits for compressors.
  • Testing of oil and refrigerant quality.
  • Working with special repair tools.

During the tutorials, the trainees work with the test benches, testers, and tools by MSG Equipment.

The training schedule is made individually for every applicant. Upon completion of the course, the trainees are issued certificates.


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