SAR 2 system (universal equipment for refueling any shock absorbers)

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500.00 $



SAR 2 system in operationThe main advantage of the SAR 2 system is that it can be used to refuel any shock absorbers, including closed ones, and even without removing them from the car, if necessary. That is, in a word, it is UNIVERSAL!

This equipment is an analogue of the Italian MS200 system, but at the same time it has much more compact dimensions and costs almost 20 times cheaper.


  • 2 high-pressure hose;
  • Air gun with pressure gauge;
  • 5 pins;
  • Instruction.

SAR 2 system in operation

Here you can find the rest of the equipment for repairing shock absorber struts.

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2 reviews for SAR 2 system (universal equipment for refueling any shock absorbers)

  1. Lucas

    Previously, it was not possible to restore the shock absorber struts of the closed type. Now I also take them to work thanks to the acquisition of SAR 2. It works efficiently and is inexpensive. I recommend!

  2. Air Jordan

    An excellent device for repairing closed shock absorbers. Previously, we refused to repair closed shock absorbers, and now we also make money in this area.

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