MS550 – Adapter for testing steering racks without a control unit



The device is designed to test steering racks without a control unit (usually for Japanese car brands).
In such cars the EPS control unit is installed separately and is connected to the steering rack through a regular wiring which is often impossible to dismantle from the car. In most cases, when the power steering fails, the specialists dismantles and sends only the steering rack itself for diagnosis and repair. Diagnostics with MS561 is available only with the appropriate control unit.

MS550 substitutes the native control unit and diagnoses the electrical part of the steering rack, namely: electric motor, position sensor, torque sensor. The testing can be conducted both automatically and manually. MS550 also shows the current parameters from the sensors which helps to calibrate them.

Technical characteristics MS550

Weight0,476 kg
Dimensions, (L×W×H)140х145х35 mm
Case materialAluminum
AdditionallySupply voltage and current consumption is determined by MS561
Ability to test parts of the rackTesting of rack parts: collector engine, without collector engine of all torque sensors types, all engine rotation sensors types


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