MS121 – Tester for electromagnetic clutches and control valves



MS121 – Tester for electromagnetic clutches and control valvesMS121 is a professional tester, a multifunctional device which successfully combines two functions: testing of electromagnetic clutches and control valves of vehicle air conditioners. Thanks to the color 4.3″ TFT display and convenient menu, the device is user-friendly and possesses high-accuracy measurements. Testing can be performed either separately on the compressor or directly on the car. The tester has a metal case and is resistant to the effects of lubricants. The original topology of the tester board increases its reliability, the color marking of the diagnostic contacts minimizes the possibility of incorrect connection.

Technical characteristics MS121

Weight, kg0.2
Voltage of tested electromagnetic clutches, V12
Dimensions, (L×W×H), mm155*97*30
Supply voltage, V12/24
Automatic clutch polarity selectionYes
Current measurement accuracy, A0.1
Short circuit protectionYes
Supply typeBattery 12
Types of tested electromagnetic clutchesDiode; no diode
Voltage meter accuracy, V0,1
Tested parameters of electromagnetic clutchesСurrent consumption; open circuit; short circuit
Automatic valve polarity selectionYes
Types of tested electromagnetic valvesDiode; no diode
Tested parameters of electromagnetic valvesDuty cycle; сurrent consumption; open circuit, short circuit


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