MS101P – Flushing stand for AC system

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MS101P flushing stand for cleansing pipelines of air conditioning system from contamination. Flushing is conducted through forced circulation of flushing fluid in the closed circuit: car – flushing stand. The equipment was designed according to the latest requirements of air conditioning system service centers. You will find a number of non-reacting (with pump and stand components) flushing fluids in the table ‘TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS’.


  • meets the latest requirements of contemporary service centers
  • simple operation
  • long-lasting service
  • safety and reliability
  • 1 year warranty

The equipment set includes

  • flushing stand
  • 2 hoses (connected to the stand)
  • 2 universal connector (connected to the hoses)
  • user manual

How to flush AC systemMS101P – Flushing stand for AC system

  • сonnect the stand to air-supply system
  • fill the tank with required amount of flushing fluid
  • fix polypropylene filter in the filler neck
  • remove coolant out of air conditioning system and dismount components of air conditioning system, which are not to be flushed
  • Connect HP and LP hoses to high-pressure and low-pressure lines of air conditioning system
  • activate HP valve of the stand to provide circulation of flushing fluid and activate the pump
  • после нескольких циклов промывки останавливаем работу станции
  • purge the system with nitrogen to remove flushing fluid from air conditioning system

The first cycle is the quickest one: activate the stand for 10 minutes, then deactivate and check its filter element for contamination. If a lot of contamination is observed, replace the filter element and continue flushing. Quantity of cycles depends on contamination degree of the system, the pump can continuously work for a long time.

You will find more information about testing procedure and other details in User Manual, included in the equipment set.

Technical characteristics MS101P

Weight, kg28
Dimensions, (L×W×H), mm300*360*700
Filter elementPolypropylene
Air power pressure, bar2-7
Filter element size, mm (inch)127 (5”)
Pump performance, l/min60
Tank working volume, l8
Length of hoses, m2.5
Nitrogen maximum pressure, barUp to 10
Flushing fluidR141B or isopropyl alcohol

How to rinse the car’s air conditioning system

If don’t want to worry about the faulty climate system of the car – we recommend you to flush the air conditioning system every year with special a/c system flush kit. This operation is simple and is performed as follows with flush set MS1O1P:

Drain the refrigerant from the car air conditioning system.

Connect the station with the flushing liquid and the filter element installed to the compressed air supply system.

Remove from the car’s air-conditioning system components that are not subject to rinsing, such as: a thermostatic valve, a filter drier, a condenser and a compressor.

Connect hoses “HP” and “LP” to the high and low pressure lines, turn the “HP” valve to the open position, and also the pump activation valve.

As a rule, washing the compressor of the car air conditioner is carried out in several cycles. The shortest one, lasts 10 minutes, after which the station is turned off and its filter element is checked for contaminants. Typically, large particles of contaminants are found in the filter. Replace the filter with a new one and continue washing. The number of washing cycles and their duration are determined by the level of contamination of the air conditioning system, as indicated by the purity of the filter or its absence.

At the end of the cleaning process, the system must be purged with compressed nitrogen until the washing liquid is completely removed from the autoconditioning system. Therefore, the usage of the flush tool is completely simplify an annual a/c system revision.


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