MS031 – Tester for diagnostics of starter solenoids



MS031 – Tester for diagnostics of starter solenoidsMS031 tester is intended for diagnostics of starter solenoids both apart from a starter itself and in assembly with it. The equipment tests both 12V and 24V solenoids. The tester measures the following parameters: retraction current, hold current and resistance of power contacts (displayed as a voltage drop at a current of 500A). To ensure maximum accuracy, measurements are made according to a four-wire circuit with a current of 50A. The tester has a 4.3 ” TFT display and a user-friendly interface. It is easy in operation and does not require any professional skills. Testing period of one solenoid lasts no longer than a minute.

Technical characteristics MS031

Supply voltage, V180–264
Tested parameters of solenoidsRetraction current; hold current; resistance of power contacts
Voltage of tested solenoids, V12/24


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