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MS022 Figel – Contact welderContact welder Figel MS022 is used for quick welding of different materials. The top feature of the device is a quality welding with no obvious difference from the factory welding. Figel MS022 is a compact device additionally equipped with a solder for connection of dissimilar metals, a graphite bar, a welder itself.

Purpose of welding contact welder

The RZA cordless hand welder is designed to connect copper wires (eg graphite brushes) to copper or stainless steel. RZA is particularly widely used in auto repair shop for the repair of a starter.

Instruction manual contact welder

Operating rules for welding equipment:

А) Connect the clamps to the battery (minimum 45 Ah).

Б) Place the cleaned materials (which you want to join) between the electrodes (steel and coal). Remember that there should be a small amount of soldering flux between these materials.

В) Tighten the pincers slightly.

Г) Press the foot button after 2-3 seconds, at which time the soldering flux will connect both metals.

Д) Release the button and keep the welding pliers pressed until the soldering flux hardens.

E) Done.

Problems during welding, their causes

  • Holding the power button for too long.
  • Too little soldering flux.
  • Contaminated steel electrode or welding consumables.

Basis of security

Wear protective goggles during work.

Package contents

  • Welding tongs for resistance welding.
  • Connecting cables.
  • Foot button.
  • Spare electrodes.
  • Soldering flux.

Technical characteristics contact welder Figel MS022

Supply voltage, V12,2 (battery)


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