MS012 – Tester for voltage regulators



The device simulates installation of voltage regulator MS012 on faultless alternator in order to test its operating performance under different loads and modes, under various rotor resistance parameters. The handset tester conducts diagnostics of all existing types and models of voltage regulators. New types and models of voltage regulators can easily be added by updating software through USB-port. The equipment is controlled by three encoders and a sensor on colored display. Diagnostics lasts about 2 minutes.


  • meets the latest requirements of contemporary service centersMS012 – Tester for voltage regulators
  • diagnostics of performance under different modes
  • no additional measuring devices needed
  • has an option to follow testing results realtime
  • all testing data is shown on LCD display
  • option to follow testing results realtime
  • includes the latest testing algorithms
  • testing of units under different loads
  • 220V domectic power supply
  • software update possibility
  • quick testing procedure
  • small dimensions
  • simple operation
  • light weight
  • long-lasting service
  • safety and reliability
  • 1 year warranty

The equipment set includes

  • tester
  • kit of diagnostic probes
  • user manual

Technical characteristics MS012

Weight, kg3
Dimensions, (L×W×H), mm260*250*90
Supply voltage, V220V ± 15%
Voltage of tested alternators, V12/24
Voltage measurement accuracy, V0,1
Tested parameters of voltage regulatorsStabilizing voltage, COM voltage regulators: protocol; speed of exchange; regulator type; errors; сontrol lamp; FR (load on voltage regulator)
Short circuit sound alertYes
Terminals of tested voltage regulatorsCOM (LIN, BSS), RLO, SIG, P-D, C, L/D+, RVC
Opportunity to adjust the simulated rotor resistance (1,8-22 Ohm)Yes
Current rotor windingYes
Testing of voltage regulators directly on the carYes


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