Hot Stapler for the restoration of plastic bumpers and headlights

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Hot Stapler for the restoration of plastic bumpers and headlights – simple and effective tool.

Hot Stapler for the restoration of plastic bumpers and headlights in workA crack in the bumper or a broken headlight is a common nuisance most car owners are familiar with. The price of a complete replacement of a part does not always suit a motorist. Now there is an alternative – quick and reliable restoration of the damaged area, which will help Hot Stapler.

Hot Stapler uses special stainless steel staples to connect damaged edges. The staples are heated to the melting temperature of the plastic, so they are easily immersed in the bumper material, pulling together the damaged edges.

The main advantages that Hot Stapler has

  • Compactness. The device weighs only 3 kg and does not take up much space. It can be easily transferred from place to place, taken with you, stored in a box;
  • Universality. Cope with the soldering of bumpers, headlights and any other plastic products with a thickness of 1.5 to 7 mm. The device can be used not only in the car service, but also for the repair of any plastic products;
  • Efficiency. A crack is connected by several stainless steel brackets, which makes the restored place more durable than the rest of the bumper;
  • High speed. The process of “suturing” takes place very quickly: heating the staples – immersing them in plastic – eliminating the signs of restoration with a grinder and paint;
  • Ease of use. Everyone can master the work with such a device, regardless of their education and qualifications. To do this, just familiarize yourself with the training materials and practice a little.

Hot Stapler can be effectively used by any car enthusiast or bring stable additional profit to a garage workshop or large service station.

Types of staples used

  1. Narrow staples. For joining individual parts of plastic.
  2. Wide staples. For connecting intermediate distances.
  3. Outside staples. For fixing external corners.
  4. Inner staples. To strengthen the damaged area from the back.

Technical characteristics Hot Stapler

Weight, kg3
Power consumption, W100
Fixing meansStaples
Staple length, mm16
Staple width, mm19
Cross section of the staple, mm0,8
Staple materialStainless steel
The thickness of the plastic with which it is possible to work, mm1,5-7


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