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Fuel economy device Cyclone simple and yet fuel efficient. The device must be installed in the channel of the air supply system. Here, thanks to the features of his design, Cyclone transforms the incoming air flow into a vortex. As a result, the creation of a fuel-air mixture for a combustion chamber is faster and better.


On the Internet you can find many opinions about the work of various economizers, including about the Cyclone. There are both positive and negative. In theory, you can spend hours unsuccessfully fighting opponents, proving your point. Our company offers a practical way out of the situation: the ability to return the Cyclone after a month of operation, if it does not show a positive result. We are confident in the our product.

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What is the use of an Cyclone? Let’s go in order:

Direct  torque at low revs

Fuel economy device

Thanks to the improved air-fuel ratio and a balanced ignition front in the cylinders, your engine runs better, even at low revs. The Cyclone improves ‘Smart Driving’ experience and makes it more enjoyable.

Optimized combustion process – more air and better air-fuel ratio

In all piston engines the up and down movement of the pistons ensures the intake of combustion air into the engine. At low revs, the intake volume is significantly lower and, due to bends and obstacles, the vorticity, which helps fuel and air mix, is also reduced. Because of the cleansing action of the air produced by the Cyclone, obstacles in the intake system are easily negotiated; the internal resistance is reduced, as it were, by the Cyclone. At low revs, this therefore ensures that a sufficient amount of air is supplied and that the vortex produces a better mixing ratio between the air and fuel. The result: a more optimized combustion process.

Direct torque – less gear switching

With the Cyclone, torque is available earlier; you’ll immediately notice that the engine picks up better at low revs. You will also observe that the engine will not become sluggish so quickly at low revs. Where you initially had to downshift to a lower gear when reducing speed and therefore decreasing the speed of your engine, you’ll now find that the engine runs in normally.

This improves “smart Driving” experience and makes it more enjoyable

An important component of “Smart Driving” consists in allowing a combustion engine to run at a lower speed and hence reduce fuel consumption and the environmental impact. If, previously, an engine at low revs would quite often yield disappointing performance, jerk and hesitate, all this can be a thing of the past if fitted with a Cyclone. The result: you will drive at lower revs sooner, turning “Smart Driving” into a more pleasant experience.

Lower emissionsFuel economy device

A more complete combustion process and long-lasting clean engine ensure that contaminants are not added to the volume of harmful emissions. The NOx reducing EGR also works better with a Cyclone.

Complete combustion in the engine – fewer emissions

Thanks to an improved and more powerful air supply and the vortex, which in many cases continues into the cylinders, a more complete combustion is achieved. Incomplete combustion processes not only waste fuel, they are also directly responsible for an increase in harmful emissions.

Prevents engine pollution

Harmful emissions from internal combustion engines will also increase over time as a result of the gradual build-up of contaminants in the engine. Carbon deposits on valves and cylinders are a common occurrence. In some cases, the build-up of scale is very serious, and valves and fittings may become completely obstructed. In diesel engines, this will often occur earlier than in petrol engines. Diesel engines may therefore face the obstruction of the EGR valve. In summary: the build-up of contaminants leads to more contamination resulting in an increase in harmful emissions. The Cyclone produces a powerful air vortex. This gives contaminants no chance to build up, which in turn eliminates this contribution to harmful emissions.

Cyclone improves the efficiency of catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters

If a Cyclone is placed before a catalytic converter or a particulate filter, this increases efficiency and reduces emissions. Due to the vortex, the intake air is more evenly distributed over the active surface of the filter or catalytic converter, which directly increases efficiency.

Fuel savingFuel economy device

By improving air circulation and air control in the engine, there is no need to push the accelerator pedal as far as before for equal performance. The result: direct savings on fuel costs. By installing a Cyclone, you create the possibility to save fuel on three fronts.

Fuel saving – modified driving style

The Cyclone enables a different driving style. Since your engine has already torque at a lower speed, you can upshift earlier and thus use less fuel.

More complete combustion process – more power out of every litre

The air vortex ensures better air-fuel ratio and improves the strength of the combustion air supply. Having cleared obstacles more easily, the air is delivered faster and in greater amounts where we want it to go, i.e. into the combustion chamber. More fuel is burned and fewer residues are produced as a result. In many cases the vortex continues into the cylinder and its effect is maintained even in the compression stroke. This ensures a more balanced distribution of force on the piston head, and you get even more energy out of every litre of fuel. This eventually results in fuel savings.

Maintain factory values regarding fuel consumption

The fuel consumption of engines will increase over time as contaminants gradually build up inside. Engine pollution negatively impacts the supply of combustion air, when passage through an intake is narrowed by carbon deposits, for example. Moreover, it leads to changing temperature patterns and air flow, so that the theoretically optimized combustion process no longer reaches full completion and fuel consumption increases. The vortex created by the Cyclone keeps your engine clean. The factory values regarding fuel consumption are therefore maintained.

Engine remains cleanerFuel economy device

The Vortex swirls the air around, directly flushing out internal dirt particles. The dirt build-up causing interference in the cylinder valves and throttles stays away, and you see the effect directly as filters and motor oil remain cleaner for longer.

Cyclone keeps air supply clean

Fitting the Cyclone in the engine air supply eliminates the occurrence of the most common laminar flows. With the Vortex there are no more areas with minimal air flow or areas where the air is completely still. Those, in particular, are the areas where dirt will build up.

Cyclone keeps the pistons, cylinders and valves clean

A more powerful air supply ensures a complete combustion process, which in turn minimizes residues. So, the pistons, cylinders and valves will remain cleaner. The Cyclone will ensure that carbon deposits will not happen again and that, if already present, they will be readily dislodged and dissolved. The much higher combustion rate has another advantage: less fuel leaks into the engine oil, which allows the latter to last longer.

Cyclone keeps the EGR valve clean

Due to environmental legislation, modern engines are equipped with a recirculation system, whereby a portion of the exhaust gas is recirculated (EGR) through the combustion process of an engine. This lowers the combustion temperature and thus the NOx emissions. However, redirecting exhaust gases (with particles) through an engine, this along with crankcase vapours, is asking for trouble if not supported by measures. When the Vortex is placed directly upstream of the EGR valve, not only does it improve blending, it also ensures the necessary flow of air which prevents the build-up of dirt particles. The EGR valve is kept clean as a result.

A clean engine delivers savings

A permanently clean engine will save you money on its fuel and maintenance costs. Clean = fuel savings + fewer failures and maintenance.

Longer service life for your engineFuel economy device

The Cyclone prevents the build-up of fouling which, in many cases, can lead to severe wear. With the Cyclone you can easily drive at lower revs. Lower speeds contribute to reduced engine wear.

Parameters which influence the service life of the engine

Wear is often the cause of a shorter service life of an engine. You know that you first have to let the engine reach operating temperature before asking for any kind of performance. Besides, you know that regular maintenance, clean filters and clean oil contribute to a long service life of the engine. But how do you control the other parameters?

Avoid wear caused by dirt build-up

A clean engine shows less wear. The Cyclone is a powerful instrument in keeping your engine clean. The swirling air flow carries away all the dirt particles and prevents the build-up of contaminants/carbon deposits on components liable to wear, such as valves, pistons and seals.

Less wear thanks to a more even combustion process

A more even combustion process in the cylinder reduces wear on pistons and piston rings. In many cases the vortex of the Cyclone continues into the cylinder and its effect is maintained even in the compression stroke. This makes sure that, during combustion, the forces are more evenly distributed on the piston and that the occurrence of a lopsided, wear increasing, load is prevented.

Increase the service life of particulate filter and catalytic converter

The efficiency of a particulate filter and a catalytic converter can also be enhanced by the vortex created by the Cyclone. Filters and catalytic converters are charged more evenly and keep working better and longer as a result. Their service life is significantly increased with the Cyclone.

Extend the service life of spark plugs and carburettors

Using the Cyclone extends the service life of spark plugs, carburettors and injectors in the engine. When the combustion process is more complete, less contaminants are deposited on spark plugs and injectors, resulting in better performance and longer service life for the spark plugs.

Engine oil lasts longer

Using the Cyclone increases the combustion rate of the fuel, which results in less fuel leaking into the engine oil. Consequently, the oil will last longer.

Extends maintenance intervals for industrial engines and engines for professional applications

Where engines in passenger cars often have a regular maintenance schedule, engines in other applications often need to be maintained with an experience-based frequency. With heavy diesel engines, trucks and ships, the installation of a Cyclone hugely extends maintenance intervals and leads to great savings in terms of oil and filters, and even reduces the use of AdBlue. Since the EGR, the piston rings and bottom grooves stay clean, they can continue to function properly. This ultimately results in less maintenance and longer service life of the engine.

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    The device is working. Fuel economy is about 10%. I will be ordering more.

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