Equipment for cleaning the injector Triumph 6

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Equipment for cleaning injectors Triumph 6 works on the principle of hydrodynamic cavitation

The equipment for cleaning injector he Triumph 6 works on the principle of hydrodynamic cavitation. How it works? Let’s figure it out:Triumph 6

  • The injector needle in a fluid stream moves at high speed. It has many bulges on its surface. Behind them, a vacuum is formed during the movement;
  • As a result of environmental pressure, the vacuum is divided into a huge number of microscopic bubbles;
  • Bubbles collapse, forming microexplosions. Their energy also eliminates varnish deposits that impede the full operation of the injector.

Technology benefits

The result of the removal of varnish deposits from the working area of the nozzle by the method of hydrodynamic cavitation
  1. The cavitation zone is formed directly in the injector channel, due to which the nozzle, fuel channel and valve needle are cleaned. As a result, maximum efficiency is achieved in removing varnish deposits from the workspace of the part.
  2. Injectors made of ceramic or teflon can be cleaned. The phenomenon of hydrodynamic cavitation interacts much more carefully with the material than the same ultrasonic waves.
  3. Flushing in one step. This greatly speeds up the work and, therefore, increases the profit of the workshop.

All three of these items are not performed by ultrasound equipment.

Functionality Triumph 6

  • Gasoline injector cleaning: Europe / Japan / America
  • Cleaning gasoline injectors with longitudinal fuel injection / lateral fuel injection / monoinjection
  • Simultaneous measurement of the resistance of a group of injectors
  • Checking the mechanics (quality of the spring)
  • Dynamic check consumption
  • Auto cleaning mode
  • Manual cleaning mode
  • Turbo cleaning mode
  • Short circuit protection
  • Protection against deformation of the needle and seat when closing the injector (anti-shock system)
  • Idle valve cleaning mode
  • Injector leak test
  • Injector cleaning indiscriminately
  • Fluid pressure adjustment
  • Tank pressure indicator


Number of nozzle seats6
Injector resistance2-30 ohms
Cleaning time30 minutes
Mains voltage220 V
Tank capacity700 ml
Cleaning fluid consumption80-150 ml
Pressure in modes0-5 at.
Dimensions370х295х333 mm
The weight12 kg
Guarantee24 months

By clicking on this link you will find a description of the modified version of the stand – the Triumph 6M model.

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  1. Loyal

    Great machine. Triumph 6 cleans injector better than ultrasonic equipment.

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